What does it mean when a market is unavailable? (US)

At times live betting markets may become unavailable for selection. If a market is unavailable, the odds offering will be "gray" and you will not be able to add the selection to your bet slip.


If a selected market added to your bet slip becomes unavailable, you will be notified the selection is suspended and you will not be able to place your wager.


Once the selection you have added to your bet slip becomes available again, any changes to the odds of your bet will be reflected in the bet slip through green or red numbers and arrows.

Green: The odds of you wager increased (IE. If the original odds were +400, the odds are now +475).


Red: The odds of your wager decreased (IE. If the original odds were +475, the odds are now +400).


At all times, it is the authorized account holder's responsibility to be aware of the games and the events surrounding it such as the current score, its progression and how much time remains before the game is completed.

Important: The default odds change behavior is an account settings preference which you can define. You can choose from: Ask for Approval, Accept all Higher Odds, or Accept all Odds Changes. Setting this preference allows you to adjust the default behavior of the wager in your bet slip. To change this preference please visit your Sportsbook account settings.

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