Flash Draft Contests - Overview (US)

What is a Flash Draft Contest? 

Flash Draft Contest is a mobile app-only game where participants create a lineup by making one selection at a time as they are presented on the screen. This is a one (1) game traditional showdown contest type.

  • Consists of five (5) rounds with three (3) draftable options in each round. Participants have 15 seconds in each round to make a selection. 
  • Are available every few minutes starting pre-game throughout the game.
  • Can be accessed via the DraftKings Fantasy Sports app.

Learn more about Flash Draft Contests and how to enter by following the easy step by step guides below.

How to enter a Flash Draft Contest via the DraftKings Fantasy Sports app

Important Note: Flash Draft Contests are only via the Fantasy Sports app

  1. Log into the Fantasy Sports app.
  2. Tap NBA or NFL below Find A Contest.
  3. In Select Game Style, tap Flash Draft.
    • Note: Flash Draft contests aren’t available until close to the start of the game. 
  4. Tap Reserve then Submit Entry to enter the contest. 
  5. When the Flash Draft begins, tap your selection from the presented options. Options may include:
    • Individual players per draftable option.
    • Multiple players per draftable option.
    • Stat multipliers per draftable option.

You can enter as many price points as you’d like for a single draft. Each price point is an individual contest, and the one lineup you make will be entered into each one. 

Available sports for Flash Draft Contests

The following sports offer Flash Draft Contests: 

  • NBA
  • NFL

Flash Draft Contest Scoring

Flash Draft Contest scoring is the same as a traditional showdown and in-game game types. Players will earn fantasy points for the stats they earn during the Flash Draft. 

Overtime stats are counted in full game, second half, and fourth quarter Flash Drafts.

Restricted Locations for Flash Draft Contests

You can't participate in any Flash Draft Contests in some states. Please review the full list of restricted Flash Draft locations to learn if it is available to you. 

Frequently asked questions

What does the 1.5x, 2x, and 3x next to some options mean? 

These numbers indicate the fantasy point multipliers for that option:

  • 1.5x total fantasy points.
  • 2x total fantasy points.
  • 3x total fantasy points.

Note: Additional/higher multipliers may sometimes be offered. 

Do Flash Draft Contests count towards Achievements? 

This contest type counts towards Flash Draft Achievements only. 

How are the combinations of options chosen for each Flash Draft Contest?

Before each Flash Draft, an algorithm projects how many points each of the possible options will score in the next quarter or half, then groups them into five sets of three based on those projections. A random component is added to make sure each game feels slightly different.

What happens if I reserve a spot but don’t draft? 

If you miss the draft, you will be withdrawn from the contest and your entry fee will be refunded automatically. 

When do payouts happen? 

Payouts are distributed as soon as possible after a Flash Draft Contest is over and the statistics have been confirmed.