How do Crown accrual boosts work for my Dynasty status tier? (US)

The Dynasty Rewards program includes a monthly Crown boost feature for Silver through Onyx status tiers. 

Crown accrual boosts are awarded within 72 hours after the close of each month. The boost is applied on all Crowns earned that month (excluding the previous month’s boost Crowns). Your boost percentage is determined by your Dynasty status tier:

  • Silver: 10% boost
  • Gold: 20% boost
  • Diamond: 30% boost
  • Onyx: 40% boost

Once you reach a status tier, you’ll receive the accrual boost each month for the remainder of the calendar year in which you reach the status tier, as well as for the full calendar year after it. 

Example monthly accrual boost:

  • In September 2022, you finish the month with 105,000 Crowns earned to-date within the calendar year. 
  • In October you earn 15,000 Crowns, moving you to the Gold status tier, which is awarded a 20% Crowns accrual boost. 
  • At the start of November, you’ll be awarded an additional 3,000 Crowns from the accrual boost for Gold status tier.
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