How do I download a CSV to see GameCenter standings for a contest? (US)

Contest standings are available in the GameCenter via app, mobile web, and desktop/laptop. In addition, when logged into DraftKings on desktop, laptop, or mobile web, a downloadable CSV file of each entry is available in the GameCenter by clicking Export Lineups to CSV. This download includes current rankings, complete lineups with current FPTS, and ownership percentages. 


  • The option to download a CSV file isn’t available via the DraftKings Fantasy app.
  • CSV is available for 10 days after the contest ends. 

Downloading the CSV

To download a CSV of the full contest standings: 

  1. Log into DraftKings on desktop or laptop. 
  2. Click Contests
  3. Locate the contest you’d like to download the CSV for. 
    • If the contest is in progress, select Live under My Contests.
    • If the contest has ended and is marked as Completed, select History under My Contests.
  4. Click Results
  5. On the GameCenter page for the contest, click Export Lineups to CSV below Standings

The file will automatically begin to download. 

Included information 

The CSV file is set up in two sections and includes the following details about fantasy and game players. 

First section: Contest entrant information 

  • Rank: The current rank of each entry in the contest. 
    • For contests still in progress: Rank reflects the current standings according to unofficial live scoring at  the time the CSV is downloaded, and is likely to change after all games in the contest end and final statistics are confirmed. Learn more about GameCenter rankings
    • For contests that have ended: The rank listed is the final result of the contest after all games in the contest have ended and the final statistics have been confirmed.
  • Entry ID: The unique ID associated with each entry.
  • Entry Name: The DraftKings username associated with the entry. 
    • Names with parentheses after indicate multiple entries by the fantasy player. DraftKingsUsername (3/15) means that the entry was the 3rd of 15 entries made by the fantasy player DraftKingsUserName.
  • Time Remaining: The total possible amount of regular time you have left in the contest. 
    • This excludes overtime and is specific to the games in which you have game players drafted. 
    • Other fantasy players may have more minutes remaining if their drafted game players are from games with a later start. 
  • Points: The total number of points earned by each entry. 
    • For contests still in progress: Points earned is a snapshot in time and is likely to change after all games in the contest end and final statistics are confirmed. 
    • For contests that have ended: Rank is the final result of the contest. 
  • Lineup: Complete lineup submitted with the entry. 
    • For contests still in progress: LOCKED indicates that the game for that player hasn’t started yet and the full lineup isn’t yet available for others to view. 

Second section: Athlete information 

  • Player: First and last name of the athlete.  
  • Roster Position: The rostered position for the athlete
  • % Drafted: Percentage of lineups in this contest that included the athlete. 

FPTS: Total number of fantasy points earned by the athlete in the contest.

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