GameCenter - Overview (US)

Each contest's GameCenter provides all relevant information about the contest, from entry before the contest locks through the final results.

Important Information

  • Live contest scoring is strictly for entertainment purposes.
  • Only completed contests in the History section will display DraftKings’ official scoring of the contest, and this validation process doesn’t begin until all games within the contest are final.

The information in the GameCenter is organized into three sections: GameCenter Overview, Standings, and Player Information.

GameCenter Overview

In this section, you’ll find general game information. Such as:

  • Contest name
  • Contest details 
    • Clicking this link will redirect you to an additional page that displays the contest summary description, prize payouts, entrant list, and the contest rules.
  • The total prize pool for the contest
  • Start time of the contest
  • Sport 
  • Number of entries in the contest
  • Current status of the contest (Upcoming, Live, or Completed)
  • Total positions paid

In the Overview section, you can also toggle between light and dark modes. Players can review the full contest details which display the contest summary description, prize payouts, the entrant list (including player badges), and the contest rules.


In this section, you’ll find a snapshot of current standings (up to the top 500 entries) for contests in progress, or the recap of results for completed contests.

Important Note: For contests that include more than 500 entries, each Team Name will be listed up to the 500th position. After 500, only the Team Name in the final position for each prize tier will be listed.

Standings include: 

  • Rank
    • Prior to the final results, Rank displays the top 500 entries at the current moment in time according to unofficial live contest scoring.
    • Contest entry standing is shown if your rank is outside of the top 500.
    • Rankings will change as the contest progresses, and final standings will be available after all games in the contest end and final statistics are confirmed. 
    • Learn more about
    •  GameCenter rankings
  • Team Name 
    • The team name is the Fantasy Sports player’s username associated with the entry.
    • Names with parentheses after indicate multiple entries by the fantasy player. DraftKingsUsername (3) means the entry was the 3rd entry made by the fantasy player "DraftKingsUsername".
  • PMR (Player Minutes Remaining), PIR (Player Innings Remaining), PLR (Player Laps Remaining), or PHR (Player Holes Remaining)
  • FPTS (Fantasy Points)

Player (Athlete) Information

In this section, you’ll find information about individual athletes rostered in a fantasy lineup.

Select a Team Name from the Standings section to view the following information for a specific entry:

  • POS (Position)
  • Player (Athlete)
    • Click on the athlete’s photo to see the athlete’s individual stats and news. 
    • Q indicates the athlete’s injury status is questionable.
    • O indicates the athlete is out.
    • WD indicates the athlete has withdrawn.
  • Draft %
    • CPT indicates the percentage of times the athlete was drafted as captain in Showdown Captain Mode contest formats. 
    • Players will also see the percentage of times the athlete was drafted, but not as a captain.
      • Note: The percentage (%) is for that contest, rather than the whole slate.
  • Gam
  • Scoring
  • FPTS (Fantasy Points)
    • Thevisual example of fire icon(fire) icon indicates the athlete did better than the typical projection for a player at their salary. 
    • Thevisual example of ice icon width=(ice) icon indicates the athlete did worse than the typical projection for a player at their salary.