What do PMR, PIR, PLR, or PHR mean in fantasy sports? (US)

In fantasy sports, PMR, PIR, PLR, and PHR all help you understand how much time is remaining in a regular game, race, or contest. 

Note: Overtime is not included in any of these. 

  • PMR: Player Minutes Remaining
    • Used for sports that have set times associated with quarters, periods, etc. 
    • Starts as the accumulated total of all possible minutes for each player. Does not guarantee any player will play all or even part of the possible minutes. 
    • Minutes are tracked against each individual player, even if two players are on the same team or in the same game. 
  • PIR: Player Innings Remaining
    • Used for baseball. 
    • Indicates the total remaining number of innings all player might play, but doesn't guarantee that they will play.
  • PLR: Player Laps Remaining  
    • Used for auto-racing, such as NASCAR and F1.
    • The PLR will decrease at the start of each lap.
    • Laps are tracked against each individual player.
  • PHR: Player Holes Remaining
    • Displays the number of golf holes remaining for players in your rostered lineup.
    • Holes are tracked against each individual player.
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