How do I bid in a Marketplace auction? (US)

In addition to regular drops, DraftKings also offers auctions for NFTs in the Marketplace. These auctions are candle-style English auctions, with a set start time and a time-range for when the auction will end. 

To bid in a Marketplace auction: 

  1. Log into DraftKings Marketplace
  2. Tap/click Auctions at the top of the Marketplace homepage. 
    • Note: If you’re on mobile web and aren’t directed to Marketplace, tap the three-line Menu icon next to the DraftKings logo in the top left corner and tap Log In
  3. All active and upcoming auctions will be listed. 
    • Note: Use Show Filters and Sort By: to locate a specific auction. 
  4. Tap/click the auction you’d like to bid on. 
  5. On the Auction Details page, tap/click Place Bid
  6. In Enter bid amount, either enter an amount that is equal to or greater than the minimum bid amount or tap/click Add min bid / Update min bid
    • Note: If you enter a bid higher than your current wallet balance, your bid won’t be accepted without an additional deposit. 
  7. Tap/click Submit Bid or Deposit to Submit
  8. Tap/click Confirm