How do I access the Discord server for DraftKings Marketplace? (US)

The DraftKings Marketplace Discord server is available to everyone with a Discord account. 

To participate in DraftKings Marketplace Discord:

  1. Log into your Discord account
  2. Navigate to 
    • Notes: For the best experience, we recommend downloading the Discord app for your mobile device, desktop, or laptop. 
      • Customers may see a new internet browser tab opened with a message stating, "We beamed the info to your Discord app. You can close this browser tab or continue with the web version."
      • You can continue on the web browser by clicking Continue to Discord.
  3. Tap/click Accept Invite
  4. Review the welcome message and community guidelines then tap/click Join The Community!
  5. To verify your Discord account in the DraftKings server you will need to tap/click the DK Crown Emoji in the Verify channel.
  6. Scroll the left rail for Information, Announcements, The Forum, Questions, and Culture. 


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