How do I access the Discord server for DraftKings Marketplace? (US)

The DraftKings Marketplace Discord server is available to everyone with a Discord account. 

To participate in DraftKings Marketplace Discord:

  1. Log into your Discord account
  2. Navigate to 
    • Notes: For the best experience, we recommend downloading the Discord app for your mobile device, desktop, or laptop. 
      • Customers may see a new internet browser tab opened with a message stating, "We beamed the info to your Discord app. You can close this browser tab or continue with the web version."
      • You can continue on the web browser by clicking Continue to Discord.
  3. Tap/click Accept Invite.
  4. Review the welcome message and community guidelines then tap/click Join The Community!
  5. To verify your Discord account in the DraftKings server you will need to tap/click the DK Crown Emoji in the Verify channel.Crown icon highlighted with orange box to select for verification
  6. Scroll the left rail for Information, Announcements, The Forum, Questions, and Culture. 


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