How do I withdraw a NFT to my Web3 wallet from DraftKings Marketplace ? (US)

Steps to withdraw your Digital Player Card

  1. First you must link your Web3 wallet to your DraftKings Marketplace account.
  2. Once linked, go to your portfolio, find the Digital Player Card you would like to withdraw, and click on it to view the details page for that Digital Player Card.
  3. Find the message asking if you would like to take custody of your Digital Player Card, and select Go Here to proceed.
    • Note: Withdrawing a Digital Player Card to your web3 wallet is currently only supported on desktop devices.
  4. Ensure that you satisfy the withdrawal criteria and link your wallet if you have not done so already. Verify that the linked wallet address is correct and select Withdraw.
  5. After linking your Web3 wallet and confirming that you would like to withdraw, you will be required to complete two-factor authentication (2FA) via text message or email.
  6. After completing 2FA, you will either:
    • Receive a message indicating that your withdrawal has failed, in which case you will need to attempt to withdraw again.
    • Receive a message that your withdrawal has been successfully initiated. At this stage, you will need to wait for DraftKings to initiate the transfer to your Web3 wallet, and for the blockchain to confirm your transaction. The Digital Player Card details page and your portfolio will provide insight into the progress of the transaction.
  7. Once the transaction is confirmed, your Digital Player Card will be available in your Web3 wallet. As long as your Digital Player Cards remain in the Web3 wallet that is connected to your DraftKings account, you will be able to view those Digital Player Cards in your DraftKings account on the portfolio page.

Important notes

  • Keep in mind that when you transfer an eligible Digital Player Card to your Web3 wallet, you have full possession and custody of the Digital Player Card.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your Web3 wallet, including any private keys, passwords, seed phrases, or secret recovery passwords.
  • DraftKings has no ability to help you access or recover private keys, passwords, seed phrases, and/or secret recovery passwords associated with your Web3 wallet.

Frequently asked questions

What are the risks of withdrawing my Digital Player Card? What should I know before withdrawing?

DraftKings Marketplace currently holds custody of your Digital Player Cards securely. Digital Player Card Withdrawal is a new feature for use by customers who want to take custody of some or all of their Digital Player Cards in their web3 wallet. To do this with confidence, we recommend customers only enable this feature if you are comfortable with crypto wallet technology such as MetaMask, understand the risks of taking self-custody of Digital Player Cards, and can personally manage and take accountability for the risks inherent with self-custody.
Once you withdraw from DraftKings Marketplace, DraftKings will no longer be able to help in the event anything goes wrong. You would take full responsibility over your Digital Player Card(s) including opsec (security). You will assume any and all risks related to your Digital Player Card(s), including risk of loss from theft, scams, accidentally transferring to the wrong address, and loss of wallet access or seed phrases. Once you withdraw your Digital Player Card(s) to your web3 wallet, DraftKings cannot provide any further support and you will be solely responsible for your Digital Player Card(s). In confirming your withdrawal you assume all risks associated with withdrawal and taking self-custody of your Digital Player Card(s).

Do I need to pay any gas fees in order to withdraw a Digital Player Card?

No. You are not required to pay gas fees when withdrawing a Digital Player Card.

Are all Digital Player Card collectibles withdrawable?

Withdraw eligibility varies at both the collection and collectible level.

  • Collection level: Some collections (and all collectibles included in the collection) are not withdrawable. Withdrawal eligibility is determined by DraftKings and/or the content supplier (when external suppliers are involved) in their sole discretion. If the collectible is not withdrawable, there will be no visible way to access the withdrawal process from the given collectible details page.
  • Collectible level: If the collectible is eligible to be withdrawn, there are requirements that must be met prior to withdrawal.

Note: All Digital Player Cards must be held by the customer for a minimum of 21 days before they can be withdrawn, pending eligibility review. The eligibility requirements are communicated clearly when attempting to withdraw.

What collections and collectibles are not eligible for withdrawal?

As of April 25, 2022, the following collections and collectibles are not eligible for withdrawal from DraftKings Marketplace:

  • Any DraftKings supplied Digital Player Card (where DraftKings is listed as the "supplier" in the details (i.e. TourneyToons or Golf Guys collectibles).
  • Any collectible within the Man in the Arena Tom Brady Collection.
  • Any collection supplied by Metabliila. 
  • Other collections and collectibles available through DraftKings Marketplace in the future may or may not be eligible for withdrawal. Check the terms and conditions of sale and this FAQ at the time of purchase for more information about eligibility for withdrawal.

Can I sell a withdrawn Digital Player Card on DraftKings Marketplace?

If you have withdrawn a Digital Player Card to your Web3 wallet, you must deposit the Digital Player Card back into your DraftKings account before you can list it for sale on DraftKings Marketplace. Learn how to deposit a Digital Player Card back into DraftKings.

Note: You will be responsible for paying any gas fees or other transactions fees associated with transferring your Digital Player Card from your Web3 wallet to your DraftKings account.

Can I access utility associated with my Digital Player Card if I withdraw my Digital Player Card to my Web3 wallet?

To access utility associated with Digital Player Cards from the DraftKings Marketplace, the Digital Player Card must be held in your DraftKings account while you meet all of the terms and conditions and eligibility requirements associated with the utility being offered and when the utility is being offered and/or distributed. If you withdraw the Digital Player Card to your Web3 wallet, you will not be able to access utility associated with the Digital Player Card you withdrew.

How long does it take to withdraw my Digital Player Card?

The withdrawal process time can vary and is not guaranteed to be automatic. Timing varies based on demand at any given time and could take anywhere from minutes to a few hours for the withdrawal to happen on the blockchain. You’ll be notified when the process is complete and can track the status (processing) from your portfolio.

Can I withdraw my Digital Player Card from a mobile device (mobile web browser or any of DraftKings mobile app - Fantasy Sports, Sportsbook, or Casino)?

No. Currently, withdrawing collectibles to your Web3 wallet is not supported on mobile devices or desktop Safari. Please try withdrawing from a desktop browser that supports MetaMask such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Brave.

Important Information 

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