DraftKings self-exclusion - overview

The option to self-exclude is part of DraftKings' commitment to responsible gaming and helping customers control how and when they use DraftKings products. 

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Self-exclusion durations: Your self-exclusion options are available to you based on your location. (The jurisdiction you’re physically in).

Note: You’ll see all options defined by your jurisdiction when setting the self-exclusion period. 

During the self-exclusion period:

  • You can't log into your DraftKings account.
  • You can't make any deposits
  • You can't enter fantasy sports contests. 
  • You can't make any sports wagers. 
  • You can't play in any casino games. 
  • You can't transact on the marketplace. 
  • You won’t be sent any direct marketing from DraftKings. 
  • You can’t withdraw funds from your account without monitored assistance.

Note: There may be additional limitations based on your jurisdiction when setting the self-exclusion period, including, but not limited to a restriction on all gaming activities within that jurisdiction during your selected self-exclusion period.

Frequently asked questions:

Who can self-exclude?

Any DraftKings account holder can self-exclude. 

  • Additionally, DraftKings allows a 3rd party to self-exclude on behalf of a customer. (i.e. a family member or someone that proves they have joint financial responsibility can write into DraftKings.)
  • Learn more on the Fantasy Sports responsible gaming page, see the section titled Concerned About a Family Member?

How can I self-exclude? 

Learn more about how to self-exclude via any DraftKings product. 

What happens to the funds in my DraftKings account while I'm self-excluded?

Any funds deposited into DraftKings will remain in your account for the future. If you'd like to withdraw funds during a self-exclusion period, please contact the DraftKings Customer Support team for assistance. 

What happens after the self-exclusion period ends?

Subject to jurisdiction-specific limitations, at the conclusion of your selected self-exclusion period, your account will be available for regular use again. Where permitted, customers will have their account automatically re-opened and do not need to reach out to DraftKings Customer Support for assistance in re-opening the account.

Can I limit my DraftKings use in other ways?

There are a variety of ways you can manage your use of DraftKings. Learn more about Cool off periods and the player limits available to you. 

Can I end my self-exclusion period early? 

Once a self-exclusion period is set, DraftKings is not permitted to shorten that period.

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