How do Diamond & Onyx DraftKings customers satisfy the terms of a bonus? - deposit bonus playthrough

DraftKings customers that complete large deposits into their account and receive a deposit bonus are required to complete the play-through of their original deposit before requesting a withdrawal to satisfy the terms of the bonus.

When a customer does not satisfy the playthrough requirements of their initial deposit, restrictions are applied so that DraftKings can ensure the customer’s intention; as it’s possible customers are not entirely aware of the specific details of the bonus.

To remove the restriction, customers are to complete the following by reaching out to DraftKings Customer Support or their Host:

  1. Acknowledge that you understand there are playthrough requirements for bonuses. 
    • Customers may simply respond or reach out to Customer Support where an account update will occur, prior to resuming playthrough or withdrawing.
      • Example: “I acknowledge that the playthrough requirement for this bonus is 1x, play through of the customer's original deposit.”
  2. DraftKings requests that customers also provide the reasoning for withdrawing prior to completing the playthrough of your initial deposit.
  3. Once a customer meets the play-through requirements, they are welcome to request a new withdrawal.


Learn more about DraftKings Terms of Use and how they apply to bonus use.

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