How do I reinstate my Diamond & Onyx DraftKings account after being restricted for potential Proxy or VPN use?

DraftKings customers may experience account restrictions due to indications of possible account sharing.

Why might this be caused?

  • This can be caused by having a VPN or Proxy program running on your device. 

DraftKings requires that customers disable the program in question and follow the steps below: 

  1. The customer must upload a Self-Certified ID (a picture of you holding your ID next to your face).
    • We require that both you and your ID are visible and that the identification used is both valid and government-issued. 
    • Examples: government-issued driver's license or passport.
  2. Customers can then follow the secure upload link, to submit the SCID to their account for review.


  • To ensure the integrity of DraftKings accounts, customers will experience temporary restrictions on their account pending the above verification.
  • By submitting the Self-Certified ID, customers are acknowledging that using a proxy, whether it is software or by account sharing, to mask your location is not allowed. 
  • Additionally, all wagering and DFS activity must be made by the named account holder while physically located within a permitted jurisdiction for sports wagering and/or DFS.
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