Why has my Diamond & Onyx DraftKings account been restricted and how do I get it reinstated? - restriction overview

DraftKings customers may experience an account restriction should there be any potential violation of our Terms of Use. Generally, restrictions are temporary, and DraftKings’ verification process is used to reinstate a customer’s account; ensuring the customer is aware of the policy that was potentially violated.

What is the verification process?

To safeguard the integrity of our products, DraftKings asks our customers to verify their identity for their account. What is needed to verify:

  • A picture of the account owner’s valid Driver's License, Passport, or government-issued photo ID.

DraftKings Customer Support is only able to accept certain documents. 

  • It has to be a picture (no scans or screenshots) of a State-issued Driver's License or Passport. 
    • Pictures of paper IDs, Learners Permits, Firearm IDs, and Temporary IDs can NOT be accepted to verify an account.
  • If a customer uploads an ID or Passport where their residential address does not match or is not listed, proof of residence will be requested. 
    • Bank statements, utility bills, or lease agreement that clearly shows the customer’s name and addresses with the date stamped within the past 60 days may be accepted.
  • Customers can then follow the secure upload link, to submit the SCID to their account for review.

Types of account restrictions:

Table of contents:

Multi-Accounting (MA)

Multi-Funding (MF)

Multiple Ideology

Suspicious Activity

Underage User

Proxy Play

Chargeback/PayPal Dispute

Multi-Accounting (MA):

  • Multi-Accounting occurs when a customer is funding and/or operating more than one account.
    • Per DraftKings Terms of Use, customers can only operate, own, or fund one account. 
    • DraftKings Customer Support can let customers know which account should be operated going forward.

Multi-Funding (MF):

  • Multi-funding occurs when an account is funded by deposit sources in the names of different individuals.
    • Once the required valid self-certified ID(s) (SCID) are obtained on the customer’s account via the secure upload link; DraftKings will begin reviewing for reinstatement.

Multiple Ideology:

  • This restriction occurs when a customer attempts to manually verify their account on the ‘Verify Me’ page and inputs different information than they previously attempted to verify.
    • DraftKings will ONLY request an SCID from the verified account holder unless there is a request for multiple IDs.
    • If the customer has not been verified yet, an ID is only required from the account holder, and the account will be verified under that customer’s name.

Suspicious Activity:

  • A customer account may be restricted if we detect suspicious activity on the customer account.  Suspicious activity may consist of unusual changes in behavior or atypical activity related to a customer’s deposits, withdrawal, or gameplay.
    • Examples of documents needed to reinstate: ID upload, SCID upload, statement of acknowledgment, or statement of why they are doing something.

Underage User:

  • A customer account will be restricted pending verification if we suspect underage play on the account.
  • In most states where DraftKings DFS is regulated, the age minimum is 18.
    • Nebraska and Alabama are 19.  
    • Iowa and Massachusetts are 21.
  • In most states where Sportsbook and Casino are regulated, the age minimum is 21.
    • New Hampshire and Wyoming are 18; however, Casino is not currently available in either state.

Proxy Play:

  • DraftKings accounts are automatically restricted by Proxy Play when our system detects a customer using the same or two different devices in two different locations within a short span of time.
    • Such action also suggests account sharing, which is not allowed per DraftKings Terms of Use.

Chargeback/PayPal Dispute:

  • Chargebacks are where a user will dispute a DraftKings charge with their card provider. 
    • To lift an account ban, the customer must reach out to their card provider/PayPal and resolve the open dispute against the site.
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