How do I reinstate my account from a multi-funding restriction?

DraftKings customers are only allowed to own, operate, and FUND one account per the one user one account policy.

A customer account will be restricted if It can be determined that a customer may have tried to fund more than one account.

  • DraftKings Customer Support or hosts can help verify the identity of the account holder, and support the customer in organizing the payment methods in their account by verifying appropriate information.
  • Once the customer has been notified, the account can be verified with the account holder’s self-certified ID (SCID) to lift the restriction.
    • Customers can then follow the secure upload link, to submit the SCID to their account for review.
    • Uploading a SCID the customer acknowledges that moving forward only they can fund their own account.


  • There are instances where customers might be part of a multi-funding restriction involving multiple accounts. Before the customer’s account can be reinstated, all accounts involved will need to upload a valid SCID.
  • If street address information is different or not present on a SCID upload, DraftKings requires the customer uploads proof of residence.
    • Showing customer’s name, current address and be dated within the past 60 days. 
      • Date should resemble: when the document was issued, created, or the range it’s valid for.
    • Information should be clearly visible.
    • Examples of non acceptable uploads: label on an Amazon package or the address window on the outside of an envelope.
    • Upload can be a unique reference number: invoice, customer, or account number
    • Examples of documents: utility bill, cell phone bill, or bank statement. 
      • If a customer receives any of the valid upload examples via a paperless option, we accept uploads via PDF format as screenshots are not acceptable.
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