How does a Diamond & Onyx DraftKings customer reopen a dormant account?

DraftKings accounts are required by regulation to be closed after they have been inactive for a stated period of time. The stated period varies by jurisdiction.   

If a customer’s account has been closed due to inactivity and they would like their account reopened again, the customer will need to write into DraftKings Customer Support or their Host to request their account to be opened again, and do the following:

  • Customers will need to provide the reason why they wanted their account closed initially.
  • Customers will need to provide the reason why they would like to reopen their account.
  • Customers may need to upload a new ID to complete account verification.

Should DraftKings need to verify the customer’s account information prior to being reopened, a self-certified ID (SCID) will be requested and reviewed. (A picture of you holding your Driver's License, Passport, or government-issued photo ID next to your face) 

  • Customers can then follow the secure upload link, to submit the SCID to their account for review.


  • If street address information is different or not present on a SCID upload, DraftKings requires the customer uploads proof of residence.
    • Showing customer’s name, current address and be dated within the past 60 days. 
      • Date should resemble: when the document was issued, created, or the range it’s valid for.
    • Information should be clearly visible.
    • Examples of non acceptable uploads: label on an Amazon package or the address window on the outside of an envelope.
    • Upload can be a unique reference number: invoice, customer, or account number
    • Examples of documents: utility bill, cell phone bill, or bank statement. 
      • If a customer receives any of the valid upload examples via a paperless option, we accept uploads via PDF format as screenshots are not acceptable.
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