How do I reinstate my account that has a Chargeback associated with it?

DraftKings takes the notification of Chargebacks very seriously, a chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a DraftKings charge with their financial institution (i.e card issuer, bank, PayPal).

To lift the restriction, the customer must reach out to their financial institution and resolve the open dispute.

Customers will receive the following information from DraftKings Customer Support:

  1. The amount of the chargeback.
  2. The date of the transaction.
  3. The payment method involved in the transaction.

Upon the customer contacting their financial institution to settle or reverse the chargeback dispute there are two items that are required from the customer as uploads and one required in an email response back to Customer Support:

  1. Upload a letter from your financial institution (ie: card issuer, bank, PayPal) indicating the dispute has been dropped or reversed.
  2. Upload a Self-Certified ID (SCID) (a photo of you holding your ID next to your face so both are clearly visible) so that DraftKings can confirm your identity and verify your account.
  3. Provide a written acknowledgment that you are responsible for all existing/future charges and activity on your account to Customer Support.


  • Customers can then follow the secure upload link, to submit the requested uploads to their account for review.

Once the chargeback dispute has been resolved, and the requested documentation has been uploaded, DraftKings will review the customer’s account and reach back out about account reinstatement eligibility.

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