How to maintain a Host as a Diamond or Onyx customer?

Reaching Diamond or Onyx tiers of the Dynasty Rewards Program, and being invited to the hosting program, DraftKings players are able to maintain their Diamond or Onyx tier status based on crown accrual due to playing across different DraftKings products.

Crowns required for each tier:

  • Bronze: 0 Crowns per year 
  • Silver: 25,000 Crowns per year 
  • Gold: 125,000 Crowns per year 
  • Diamond: 500,000 Crowns per year 
  • Onyx: 1,000,000 Crowns per year

Earning Crowns for your play is only one way to earn rewards within Dynasty Rewards and maintain Diamond or Onyx hosed status. 

  • Example: The program features frequent promotions that provide value to players, beyond the value of the Crowns themselves.


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