How do I wire withdrawal from my DraftKings Diamond or Onyx account?

DraftKings customers are welcome to withdraw funds via wire transfer. We will accept requests for a wire withdrawal that are greater than $20,000. Customers can request this withdrawal via the Sportsbook & Casino withdrawal form or the Fantasy Sports withdrawal form.

  • Wire’s less than $20,000 will not be processed and customers will need to select a different withdrawal method.
  • DraftKings’ current wire withdrawal process only allows a customer to enter one bank’s routing number. The wire system doesn't allow for more than one bank account. 
  • Bank account information must be under the customer’s name; otherwise, it will be rejected, which may cause delays in customers receiving their funds.

The minimum withdrawable amount for withdrawal wire transfers is $20,000 (regardless of it being a customers first time or return withdrawal). If a customer’s withdrawable balance is ≥ $20,000 for the wallet they are looking to withdraw from, they will see the option and can use the method accordingly. 

Note: There is no maximum for wire transfer withdrawals.

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