How do I wire deposits into my DraftKings Diamond & Onyx account?

Upon a customer asking for a wire transfer, DraftKings Customer Support will need to ask for the amount of the wire. If a customer wishes to deposit more than $30,000, then Customer Support will follow the steps listed below and inform the customer that the request will be escalated, and a supervisor will be in touch.

    • Customer Support will confirm whether the wire amount exceeds the customer’s self-imposed deposit limits. If there are limits, customers will be advised accordingly with the amount they are able to wire without exceeding self-imposed limits.
  • Note: Getting customer limits approved by Customer Support or your Host, prior to wiring a deposit, will assist in the speed of the wire reaching the Customer’s DraftKings account.
  • If a bank statement is not present in the customer's upload history, customers will need to upload one (must be less than 90 days old).
  • DraftKings customers are to use the following banking information to send the funds to:

Receiving Bank:

MVB Bank, Inc.

301 Virginia Avenue

Fairmont, WV  26554

Routing Number: 051504597

Beneficiary Info:

Crown Gaming Inc

222 Berkeley St, 5th floor,

Boston , MA 02116

Beneficiary Account Number: 117420

  • Once a bank wire has been issued by a customer, DraftKings normally receives it within 24 hours (on business days). Customers will be notified once it has been received.
  • Note: Wires are only accepted when sent directly from the person whose name is listed on their DraftKings account. We only accept payments from an LLC if it has been approved.
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