What are commonly found Diamond & Onyx depositing failures and declined deposit messages?

Declined deposits & deposit failures table of contents:

Accidental Fantasy Sports wallet deposit

PayWithMyBank (PWMB)/ACH bank transfers


Accidental Fantasy Sports wallet deposit:

DraftKings utilizes a multi-wallet system for customers when depositing into a particular vertical (i.e. Fantasy Sports, Sportsbook, Casino, Marketplace). Occasionally, customers accidentally deposit into their Fantasy Wallet instead of their Gaming Wallet, resulting in their funds not being available across verticals.

When a customer accidentally deposits into their Fantasy Wallet rather than their Gaming wallet they have three options:

  1. Play through the deposited funds on Fantasy Sports to make them eligible for use on Sportsbook. This means that any winnings you receive from playing through your deposit will be available to use across all DraftKings platforms.
  2. Our Support Team can also initiate a refund of your deposit. We can issue the refund 24 hours after your deposit, and it will return to the same method used to make the deposit. For reference, see the refund time frames based on the payment method used below:
    1. Credit/Debit Card: 2-7 business days
    2. PayPal - 1-2 business days
  3. Additional payment methods, such as bank account deposits, will require our team to initiate a withdrawal or for the DraftKings customer to request a withdrawal.

Should DraftKings customers like to proceed with a refund initiated by our Support Team, please write in confirming for us to do so.

PayWithMyBank (PWMB)/ACH bank transfers:

PayWithMyBank (PWMB) is the payment processor DraftKings uses to process direct ACH bank transfers These deposits go right from your bank account into the selected DraftKings wallet.

Reasons for declines:


  • Customer might have reached their rolling 6 day limit.
  • Customer might have reached their rolling monthly limit.
  • Customer might be hitting their transaction maximum.
    • PWMB tiers require documentation per DraftKings contract with them. If a customer would like to raise their transaction maximum for ACH, DraftKings needs the customer’s most recent bank statement and pay stub.
    • Note: Reach out to DraftKings Customer Support Team to obtain further information as it pertains to the specific decline message you’re experiencing.


  • Customers may receive a decline message due to failing internal risk models exclusive to PWMB/Telecheck regulations.

Telecheck Return to File

  • Customers may receive a decline message for having an active return on file that needs to be settled with Telecheck directly. 

Bank not offered:

  • Customers may not be able to deposit if their bank is not offered as an option. 
    • Customers will want to contact their financial provider to inquire about this scenario.
    • Customers can also reach out to the DraftKings Customer Support Team to have our team look into getting a financial provider added as well as provide the customer with notes on a specific bank, should it be available.


  • DraftKings customers can fail to deposit with PayPal if their PayPal is connected with a credit card instead of a verified bank account. 
    • Customers should refer to this as the first line of troubleshooting by connecting your PayPal to a verified bank instead of a PayPal.
  • Customers should also try a new device, as the final section of a PayPal deposit comes up as a pop-up, which some devices block.
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