What is DraftKings Reignmakers? - Overview (US)

DraftKings Reignmakers allows players to build a collection of gamified Digital Player Cards through pack drops, auctions, and secondary marketplace, officially licensed by the NFLPA, PGA TOUR, and UFC, allowing participants to draft those cards in fantasy contests throughout the year.

Each player card represents an athlete and scores points based on the player’s statistical performance in a given event or game.

Weekly in the football season, there is a large variety of fantasy contests posted in the Reignmakers lobby that cater to participants with both large and small Reignmakers’ player card collections. Participants can expect the same with UFC events having contests available for drafting your fighter cards and PGA TOUR events having contests available with a number of professional golfer cards.

What can participants do with Reignmakers cards?

Each Reignmakers digital player card represents a specific athlete. Reignmakers cards are licensed and have multiple forms of utility.
Reignmakers cards can be:

  • Drafted in weekly fantasy contests with huge prizes.
  • Bought & sold at any time on the DraftKings Marketplace.
  • Traded in for return of a specific reward.
  • Retained over time to build up your Franchise Score & earn rewards.

There are five rarity tiers:

  • CORE. (least rare)
  • RARE.
  • ELITE.
  • REIGNMAKER. (rarest)

Contests also have different rarity requirements depending on the contest a participant selects. Learn more about contest rarity.
Reignmaker contests are free to enter, and contests will either pay out cash, packs, specific Digital Player Cards, or a combination of those listed.

Player positions will be dependent on the position they're currently playing and not necessarily tied to the position listed on the card.

Example: If a participant’s player’s digital player card is minted at WR and he moves to RB, the player will be draftable as an RB and not a WR.

Not seeing some of your digital player cards? They're a few reasons why you may not see some of your digital player cards for this contest:

  • The player on your card does not have a game in the contest.
  • The player card is being played in another active lineup.
  • The athlete’s card rarity or set isn't playable in the contest. Check the contest details to see what digital player cards can be played in the contest.
  • A SuperStar player card can only be played if it matches or exceeds the contest tier rarity.
  • You no longer own the digital player card or the digital player card is no longer your DraftKings wallet.

Reserving Entry:

  • The reserve entry feature is not available for Reignmakers contests at this time.

Contest Entry Limits:

  • Many Reignmakers contests will allow for multiple entries where participants can submit multiple unique lineups to the same contest. The max number of entries will be displayed on the contest lobby cell and in the contest details information.

Important aspects to know about Reignmakers:


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