Pro Football Millionaire Survivor Pool (US)

Each week contestants will select one NFL team that must win or tie their game. If the team a contestant selects on a given week loses, the contestant is eliminated from the Pro Football Millionaire Survivor Pool.

This article does not contain all Terms and Conditions related to the DraftKings Pro Football Survivor Millionaire Pool Contest. 

For complete eligibility requirements and offer details, please review the Terms and Conditions for the DraftKings Pro Football Survivor Millionaire Pool Contest.

Getting Started:

Quick Rules:

  • All picks for the week will lock at 1:00 PM ET on that Sunday with no exceptions. 
  • If you select a team playing in a game scheduled prior to 1:00 PM ET on the Sunday of a given NFL Week, contestants may make of modify their selection until the start time of the selected team's game.
  • No bye weeks. Each player will have to make their picks weekly from week 1 to week 18.
  • Each contestant can only pick each NFL team one time during the whole season.
  • After any week, if only one entry remains, that entry is determined the winner and wins the entire prize pool.
  • In the event of a Tie within any given game, both teams will be marked as a Win.
  • An NFL Week runs from Wednesday to Tuesday. In the event the selected team’s game is delayed or postponed to a later week of the regular season or the selected team’s game is canceled, the selection will be counted as a Loss


  • The Pro Football Millionaire Survivor Pool and any Private Survivor Pools are paid out at the conclusion of the season. 

*Millionaire Survivor Pool available in the following jurisdictions: AZ, CO, IA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY

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