What are Reignmakers SuperStar Players? (US)

DraftKings Reignmakers SuperStars is a group of elite players. DraftKings only has SuperStars in Reignmakers Football.

Only one player with this designation may be used in any given contest lineup. 

When considering the Superstar player attribute, not only is your roster limited to having only 1 Superstar, but your Superstar player card must at least match the contest rarity tier itself. 

  • Example: For a RARE tier contest, CORE tier Superstars will not be eligible.

SuperStar players indicated with the gold s icon are only playable in contests of the same or lower rarity tier as that Superstar Digital Player Card.

  • Example: If Lamar Jackson is a SuperStar, you can only play Reignmaker versions of his card in a "Reignmaker" tier contest.

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