Document Upload Criteria - Overview (US)

Important Information

The safety and protection of your DraftKings account is our top priority. In order to maintain this safety and security, we may request you to complete our brief verification process before resuming play and deposit/withdrawal activities. 

To expedite this process, please review our frequently asked questions:

Where can I upload the requested documents? 

Use this secure document link to upload your personal documents:

Learn more by watching a video about uploading documents for verification.

Below is a visual representation showing how to navigate to the Document Upload center via the DraftKings Sportsbook app.

a visual representation showing how to navigate to the Document Upload center via the Sportsbook app.

What is a self-certified ID (SCID)?

Used to confirm your identity, this is a picture of you holding one of the following IDs next to your face:

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Government-issued photo ID 

Important: The SCID you upload must include a current ID and the entirety of the information on the ID must be viewable.  

For the best SCID: 

  • Your ID must be valid, not expired, and the entire ID must be in-frame.
  • Have great lighting from the front to ensure a high-quality picture.
  • Have your head and shoulders in the frame, similar to an ID photo.
  • Avoid sunglasses or hats, and don’t use any filters.

Learn more by watching the video about uploading a valid SCID.

What is considered proof of residence?

Used to confirm your current residence, acceptable documents include:

  • Utility invoices
    • Example: Home services for energy, water/sewer, gas, or trash.
  •  Communications invoices
    • Example: Home services for phone, internet, cable, satellite, and mobile phones.
  • Bank statements
  • Leases with matching service and delivery addresses if dated within 60 days.

Important: Other document types will not be accepted as proof of residence.

Proof of residence documents need to show your:

  • Name
  • Current address
  • An invoice/customer/account number
  • A date within 60 days of the upload date

Do you have any additional document upload criteria?

  • We can’t accept expired or temporary IDs.
  • For identification uploads: scans, paper temporary IDs, Digital IDs, and PDFs aren't permitted.
  • For Proof of Residence uploads: screenshots, images of paper statements, and PDFs are permitted.
  • Uploaded images must be clearly visible and uploaded in full.
    • Important: Include all pages of a document that are not altered or redacted in any way, as this will void the document’s validity.

By uploading these documents, you are acknowledging to abide by our Conditions of Participation from our Terms of Use.

Note: If your account violates policies, it is at DraftKings’ sole discretion to permanently close your account.


View the video below on "How to upload documents to verify your identity?"

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